“Every authority proceeds from the Spirit of the Lord. Hence, the authority within the Institute is at the service of persons and of their missions in the Church” (Can. 618). In our congregation, authority is exercised by the Superior General with the help of her council, and also through the General Chapter and Provincial Chapter.

We highlight a few remarkable events that strengthened the structure of the Chapters in the congregation.

In 1932 when Mother Sebastian was the Superior General, she gathered, as it was customary those days, the whole congregation together at Vepery to celebrate the birth of Christ and the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi.

In the year 1935 Archbishop Louis Mathias extended that term of office of the Superior General from three to six years. Therefore, the Generals were elected once in six year.

In the year 1998 the delegate system was introduced in the election of the Superior General.

In the year 2004 in the 27th General Chapter delegates were called and definite deliberations were made to formulate a New Constitution and Regulation Text.

In the year 2010 in the 28th General Chapter definite deliberations were made on Provincial Governance and other definite deliberations were made to address the various needs of the congregation. A booklet was formulated on Directives of the General Chapter.

In the year 2007 the first Provincial Chapter was introduced in the congregation in all the three Provinces.